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"We had the pleasure of sailing with Captain Mogic on the Dream  this past summer to the Baltic Capitals"

 John Pollock                          Alpharetta, GA

Jan 2009

Hi All,

     Just left Brisbane after 11 days of  refitting the ship , 26 new  balconies,  all new carpets, new restaurant and a gym, lot of projects and effort we put in make into reality.  We also get couple  of new "toys" diving sport boat jet with amazing speed, testing   them thru river of Brisbane downtown.  I am working with a great team on the Paul Gauguin.

     Hope you are ok and here  are few pictures you might like to see. Today in New Caledonia on  the way back to our favorite "lagoon navigation" and French  Polynesia.

 Regards and stay in touch Neno

May 2009

 We had the marvelous opportunity of sailing on the dream with Captain Mogic, and all of the women on the ship were "nuts" about him.  We are trying to find out where he is   now, what he is doing, and if he has an email address or facebook account, or if there is   any other way to locate him.  We are really big fans of his.

 Rosemarie and Dan B___

Sept 2009

Hi Guys,

Here is a picture of me on the deck of the Paul Gauguin.  Wish you were here to enjoy the amazing South Pacific.

Regards,         Neno

August 17, 2008

I just came back , 2 weeks ago, from a wonderful cruise around the Society Islands and it was really nice. Of course all the staff was perfect but especially the Captain Mogic who is the most charming guy of all the ship, always present, always smiling, and really kind.  So, now back in my country, Brussels - Belgium, I found very pleasant this idea of  " Fan Club"  and I am eager to do my next cruise and if possible with him on the ship again. So well  done and thank you, Vic and Judi !

Best regards, Jayne Tielemans Brussels - Belgium

Aug 2008


 We too had a "Mogical" cruise experience sailing around Tahiti last week w/Neno on  the Gauguin. We agree w/you that he is a very handsome, charming & intelligent man.  Nice fan club, lucky guy, lucky wife.


 Ms. Theo Fujiyoshi             Honolulu, Hawaii


      I just wanted to let you know how much I like your website---it's so cute!  I sailed August  2nd, 2008 for a week aboard the Paul Gauguin with Captain Mogic.  Although I never  got a chance to speak with him, I will say that he is definitely "McDreamy"!   What a  perfect nickname!


 Tasha from  Vancouver, BC

02 June 2008

I went to the top of the island called Nuka Hiva in Marquesas. The locals are proud to say this is most beautiful island on Earth.........I can agree with them so far for sure. I will write more about this part of the world once we complete those cruises....

 Regards Neno

Jan 2009

 Hi there~   I had the good fortune to work for Capt. Mogic aboard Orient Lines' Marco Polo from  2004-2006 and he is without a doubt the best Captain I have ever worked for.  I have   worked for 3 different cruise lines on 14 different ships and Capt. Mogic is just the best.    He really cares about his crew and is a terrific manager in addition to being an   amazing seaman.  I wish him continued success.

 Sincerely,       Kim da Silva

It was such a pleasure to find this site. I met Captain Mogic in Feb. 2005 on Orient Lines'  M/V Marco Polo going to Antarctica and the Amazon. I had just had the pleasure when this photo was taken. He was the only Captain that I have ever said more than two words to until then. "Captain Cutie Pie" as he was referred to at the NCL offices was so nice. I must confess that I turned down the opportunity to have dinner at the Captain's table as I was still raw because my DH passed away only  2 months previous and I was not comfortable with myself yet. In October 2007  the M/V Marco Polo ported in Split, Croatia. I and others were looking forward to the possibility that he might be home and visit the ship. We visited Split and returned to the ship for lunch, disappointed that we hadn't seen the Captain. Two friends and I were sitting in the lobby area when I noticed two long legs in jeans in front of me. Then a voice saying "Has anybody here been on the Marco Polo before?" The voice registered in my brain as I had not looked up yet and I jumped up and threw my arms around him. To this day I can not believe that I did it as this is not my usual behavior.  I look forward to someday sailing with Captain Mogic again. 
Fran S Udlis

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